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EUSEW 2022 Extended Programme: The role of multiple benefits in the European green transition

September 23rd 2022

This session provides a thorough understanding of the multiple benefits approach, its expediency, the barriers hindering its widespread implementation, and its different fields of application. 

First round of workshops with the MICATool Pilot Cities

December 5th 2021

Three cities – CalviàVitoria-Gasteiz, and Tartu – were selected by the MICAT consortium as MICATool Pilot Cities, which will co-develop and validate the tool during its development within the project’s duration.

Vitoria-Gasteiz workshop for the MICATool

June 17th 2021

The first city workshop with the piloting city Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) took place to discuss the possibilities of embedding the MICATool into local policy, alongside MICAT partners and tool developers from the Fraunhofer InstituteWuppertal Institute as well as IIASA.

MICAT presentation during the 2021 Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

June 15th 2021

MICAT was presented as a part of the Innovative Solutions to finance energy efficiency and renewables track together with the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency project.

The WHY project’s open day at EU Green Week 2021

June 11th 2021

The WHY project, MICAT’s related project, hosted an event at EU Green Week on improving energy demand modelling to forecast the domestic sector’s energy consumption.


PRESS RELEASE: Introduction to the MICAT Project

November 19th 2021

The Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool (MICAT) Project aims to develop a comprehensive approach to estimate Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency by co-creating a free, easy-to-use, scientifically sound online tool (MICATool). 

How is ICLEI involved in the MICAT project?

May 10th 2021

Niklas Mischkowski, an Officer with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, explains how ICLEI is facilitating the MICATool’s co-creation process with three pilot cities in the project.


Fabian Wagner explains IIASA’s role in the MICAT project

May 6th 2021

Dr. Fabian Wagner, a Senior Research Scholar and Dean for Capacity Development and Academic Training (CDAT) at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) explains the expertise on environmental issues – especially air pollution and greenhouse gases – that IIASA brings to the MICAT project.


Meet our Pilot Cities! Calvià, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Tartu join the MICAT project

April 30th 2021

CalviàVitoria Gasteiz and Tartu were selected to be MICATool Pilot Cities in order to help co-develop and test a new online tool that estimates the multiple benefits of energy efficiency such as emissions reduction, improved health, better air quality or new employment opportunities, and helps leaders make more informed decisions about energy-efficiency policies and investments.


Stay Tuned for the release of the MICAT podcast series in 2023.