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Feb 03

Meet our pilot cities! Calvià, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Tartu join the MICAT project as Pilot Cities

Calvià, Vitoria Gasteiz and Tartu were selected as “MICATool Pilot Cities” to help co-develop and test a new online tool that estimates the multiple benefits of energy efficiency , like emissions reduction, improved health, better air quality or new employment opportunities, and helps leaders make better, more informed decisions about energy-efficiency policies and investments.

The new Horizon 2020 Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool (MICAT) project aims to develop a comprehensive approach and user-friendly online tool to support policy-makers at three governance levels (local, national and EU) to gain better insight on energy policy impacts, improve monitoring and reporting on energy efficiency measures, and help strengthen cross-sector collaboration by identifying concrete linkages between different policy fields (i.e., energy, health, social welfare, economy).

The MICATool Pilot Cities will host three workshops with local stakeholders, engage in on-going tool development discussions, and network with one another via collaborative sprints and coaching sessions to see how the MICATool can be anchored in local policy processes. All three municipalities are already working towards ambitious climate goals through energy efficiency projects, collecting data to monitor progress, and raising awareness among stakeholders and citizens. The first workshop will take place this summer to explore how and to what extent the MICATool can be embedded in local policy and planning processes.

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