ICLEI European Secretariat 

ICLEI is the world’s leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. It promotes local action for global sustainability and supports cities to become sustainable, resilient, circular, biodiverse, and low-carbon as they pursue an inclusive green urban economy. ICLEI Europe helps connect and strengthen the capacity of over 160 local governments and their citizens in Europe to identify and implement transformative, integrated solutions and act rapidly by providing city leaders with advanced knowledge, training, and support. ICLEI also has demonstrated creativity and excellence in developing innovative methods and tools for cities as an end-user, and acts as a Knowledge Broker for research-practice. ICLEI’s principal role in MICAT relates to stakeholder engagement, leading the local level stakeholder engagement process in the MICATool Pilot Cities, and crafting policy recommendations. ICLEI is also involved in communications and dissemination activities.